Coffee Tables Inspired by Nature and Portuguese Culture

Coffee tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can transform any living room or lounge area. They serve as a functional surface for drinks and snacks, but also provide an opportunity to showcase unique design elements. In this article, we will explore DAM’s collection of coffee tables that are inspired by Nature and Portuguese culture.

Unique Coffee Tables Inspired by Portugal’s Rich Heritage

Sustainability is more important than ever, so the DAM’s collection of modern coffee tables offers an eco-friendly and stylish solution for interior design projects. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, combining natural materials, traditional techniques, and modern technology to create unique and customizable tables. With a focus on nature and Portuguese culture, these coffee tables are not just functional pieces of furniture, but also key pieces that bring beauty to any living space. Choose DAM for your next interior project and create a space that is beautiful, practical and sustainable.

What types of coffee tables are available?

There is a huge selection of types of coffee tables, with its own unique aesthetic, materials, and finishings. Some popular types include wooden coffee tables, marble coffee tables, cork coffee tables, glass coffee tables, and metal coffee tables. Some are coloured, others are monochromatic, textured or smooth. Coffee tables can also come in different shapes, such as rectangle, square, round or oval. Many coffee tables have additional features like storage options, adjustable heights, and multi-purpose designs. The selection of coffee tables is vast, and there are many options to choose from that can fit different interior design styles and preferences.

Coffee Table Products by DAM

DAM’s have different eco-friendly coffee tables that combine nature and Portuguese culture. Each piece showcases skilled craftsmanship and sustainable materials. All DAM products priorize sustainability while providing great value to their customers. Explore DAM’s collection , find different options or personalize them to fit any interior project.

Versatile Coffee Tables

With different sizes, finishings and materials that match diverse decor themes, DAM coffee tables are customizable, offering great value for small spaces looking for multi-functional designs. Take a look at some of the models in the collection:


FLORA (Wooden side table)

Combines natural materials such as oak wood veneer, 100% natural agglomerated dark cork and walnut wood veneer. There are 4 different sizes, 2 different woods and 8 different colours but you can also request a specific variation and we’ll analyse the possibility of doing that for you.


MAGMA (Marble round coffee table)

Inspired by earth’s crust with expressive veins on stone top made from agglomerated dark cork. There are 2 different sizes and 3 different stones for the table top. You can also request a specific size or stone.

What materials are used to make coffee tables?

Coffee tables can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, stone, and even plastic. However, in recent years, eco-friendly materials such as cork and recycled materials have become popular choices for coffee table construction. Natural fibres like osier, lakeshore bulrush, hemp rope, and cotton rope are also being incorporated into coffee tables giving a retro or rustic style to a space. Portuguese stones, such as Marble Pele de Tigre and Marble Estremoz, are often used as table tops for their unique, expressive veins. Solid wood is another common material used for coffee tables, with popular options including oak, walnut, and ash. Ultimately, the choice of materials for a coffee table depends on the desired style, durability, and sustainability of the piece.

Cork coffee tables

Cork is one of the materials used extensively in DAM’s coffee tables collection due to its versatility, durability, and sustainability as an organic material. Three types of cork – agglomerated dark cork, composite dark cork, and composite light cork – are combined with other natural fibres such as wicker baskets or hemp ropes for added texture and visual interest.

Amorim’s is one of the suppliers used in DAM’s coffee tables. The company prides itself on using natural and recyclable cork that is harvested every nine years without harming the tree. This eco-friendly material gives a unique texture to each piece, creating a unique look and offering durability.

Coffee Tables with Portuguese Stones

DAM’s coffee tables are not only eco-friendly but also tell unique stories of Portuguese culture and nature. The limestone from Sintra like Rosa Negrais with reddish colour with intricate wine-coloured veins is an example. Other it the limestone Alpinina with Fine-grained with stylolites and thin calcitic and ferruginous veins and fairly crystallized where we sometimes can find some traces of our oceans. And there are the marbles from Évora like Estremoz or Pele de Tigre with fine to medium granoblastic texture and with dark grey or beige veins. The use of these materials highlights DAM’s commitment to sustainability while celebrating Portugal’s rich history in stone craftsmanship.

Sustainable production and customization in Portugal

In Portugal there is an abundance of skills and know-how. There is also a collective heritage that stays genuine. This is why we have passion for our country and a conviction: our location is special and our people makes the difference. And e work with socially responsible manufacturers that operate according to the highest ethical standards.

DAM offers a range of customizable coffee tables that combine the beauty of nature and the rich heritage of Portuguese culture. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and traditional craftsmanship, each product of the catalogue is made by order. This fact allows us to personalize easily, so DAM products can be adapted to perfectly fit the client’s needs. Most products can be customized with a specific colour, finishing or material, in a different size or according to any idea that the client may want to share with us, for example, change to a rectangular or oval table top.

With our network of artisans and factories in Portugal, we also have total availability to develop bespoke solutions from a specific briefing. We work with small factories as well as big factories, so we can produce a few pieces for small orders as well as big quantities for big orders.

Showcasing Portuguese Brands and Artisans

In addition to DAM, other Portuguese brands and artisans contribute to the diverse landscape of coffee table design. These artisans bring their distinct design philosophy, craftsmanship, and expertise to create remarkable pieces. For example Wewood and Branca-Lisboa combines sustainability and exquisite craftsmanship to create visually stunning and environmentally friendly pieces. Their coffee tables reflect a perfect blend of creativity, artistry, and functionality. By exploring the websites of Wewood and Branca-Lisboa, readers can witness the exceptional design expertise and passion for craftsmanship that characterize Portuguese artisans, reaffirming Portugal’s reputation as a hub of innovative and sustainable furniture design.

Where can I buy a coffee table?

There are many places where you can buy a coffee table, being online or in physical stores. Some popular online retailers include Clippings, Matea, and Skandium, while physical stores like John Lewis, Crate & Barrel and West Elm offer a range of coffee tables as well. If you’re looking for unique, eco-friendly designs inspired by nature and Portuguese culture, consider checking out DAM’s collection of coffee tables in our online shop or if you need a more professional follow-up, select one of our tables on our professional-oriented page and contact us.

As an interior designer or decorator, you can create special corners for your clients’ spaces that are both functional and visually stunning with DAM’s coffee tables with Portuguese cultural influences.

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