Lisbon Design Week 2024: A Celebration of Innovation and Craftsmanship

Lisbon Design Week 2024: A Celebration of Innovation and Craftsmanship

The second edition of Lisbon Design Week (LDW) of 2024 assembled an extraordinary lineup of designers, artists, and enthusiasts, transforming Lisbon into a pulsating hub of innovation and creativity. Spanning various iconic locations across the city, this annual event has firmly placed Lisbon on the global design map, showcasing the pinnacle of Portuguese contemporary design and craftsmanship. With its rich blend of cultural heritage and forward-thinking spirit, could LDW be set to become a cornerstone of the international design calendar?

Unveiling the Best of LDW 2024: Key Highlights

Throughout Lisbon Design Week, the DAM team immersed themselves in a plethora of inspiring events featuring sustainable furniture, eco design, and innovative craft design. Here are the seven standout highlights that not only caught our eye but also sparked our imagination and fueled our creative passion for sustainable materials and modern furniture.

Mini Design Summit at MNAC

The Mini Design Summit at the MNAC showcased exhibitions by contemporary artists and unique projects created for the museum, with a strong emphasis on sustainable design. Organised by Portugal Faz Bem, this summit celebrated Portuguese brands like DAM, Darono, Feltrando, Flowco, and Oficina 166. The beautifully renovated museum shop displayed eco design objects and hosted the Portugal Faz Bem Meetings, highlighting the stories of each brand.

Exhibition curated by Portugal Faz Bem at MNAC

”Nossa Terra” at Arquivo Aires Mateus

The “Nossa Terra” exhibition at the Aires Mateus‘ Archive, curated by Sam Baron, presented artefacts produced in terracotta, reflecting Portugal’s cultural heritage. This green design exhibition highlighted the eco-responsible characteristics of terracotta, including local provenance, low-temperature firing, and recyclability. Fuschini also showcased modern furniture, including a table by Manuel Aires Mateus.

“Nossa Terra” Exhibition

”Bigorna Phases” at Novo Banco Gallery

At the Novo Banco Gallery, Wesley Sacardi’s installation of stools from the “Bigorna Phases” series stood out. Sacardi, known for creating sustainable furniture by reusing discarded materials, invited visitors into a labyrinth of wood furniture surfaces. This eco design experience encouraged attendees to slow down and appreciate the different textures and stories behind each piece. The gallery also featured a photography exhibition by Andres Serrano.

Santo Infante: Celebrating Portuguese Ceramics

Santo Infante dedicated its space to showcasing sustainable materials through Portuguese ceramists and their inspiring journeys. The exhibition focused on the luxury of time, encouraging visitors to slow down and reconnect with special objects and corners of their homes. Unique ceramic pieces were created to display these cherished items, reflecting a blend of traditional craft design and modern furniture aesthetics.

Toni Grilo at Coletivo 284

French-born, Portugal-based designer Toni Grilo presented his iconic pieces and new products from Riluc, Marm and Blackcork at Coletivo 284. Grilo’s fascination with Portugal’s rich industrial and craft heritage was evident in his modern furniture creations. His installation from the first edition of Lisbon Design Week, now permanently located at Cais do Sodré station, showcased sustainable furniture that seamlessly blended technical processes with artistic beauty.

Lamps by Toni Grillo for Marm


”Lisbon by Design” at Gomes Freire Palace

The Lisbon by Design fair, at the Gomes Freire Palace, featured high-end contemporary works by artists, designers, and craftspeople produced in Portugal. The event showcased the latest collections in sustainable furniture, bespoke textiles, and ceramics. Curated installations created especially for the fair offered an intimate and exclusive experience, celebrating the creativity of Lisbon-based designers.

Lisbon by Design 2024

“Caretos”: Installation by Noe Duchufour-Lawrance

The Caretos festivities in northern Portugal combine mysticism, ancient rituals, and chaos. The exhibition of the Made in Situ and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrenc celebrates this tradition with seven ornamental stools by Lazarim artisans and Charles Fréger’s portraits. In this exhibition, a scenographic landscape captures the Caretos’ energy, and a film of the Vila Boa de Ousilhão celebrations showcases Portuguese heritage. Rituals like fire-leaping symbolise resilience and community connection, while the Caretos’ wild antics hint at untamed forces within us.

“Caretos” Installation at the Made in Situ



Lisbon Design Week 2024 successfully highlighted the intersection of tradition and innovation in Portuguese design. The event’s diverse range of exhibitions and installations demonstrated the country’s commitment to sustainable practices and cultural preservation. The DAM team left inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship on display, eager to integrate these experiences into our future projects.

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