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From Portugal to the World

Our Designers appeal to emotions, simplicity and quality of life. The Portuguese culture and the everyday common things are the inspiration. The products are more than what meets the eye – each piece has its own story and singular details.

Joana Santos

Joana Santos lives in São João da Madeira and is graduated and mastered in Design by the University of Aveiro, Portugal. She developed her master’s degree under the theme “Information Design and intermodality in transportation in Aveiro city”. In 2009, she presented her research at IIID Traffic & Transport, at Tech Gate Vienna, Austria. Then, she collaborated in the foundation of the first Junior Company of the Aveiro’s region, the Aveiro Smart Business, and in the Federation of Junior Companies of Portugal. She collaborated with different companies, developing branding and graphic communication projects. Joana has a special taste for graphic design and craftwork and her work process has always a practical approach. At DAM she participates in the creative development of the different products.

Christophe de Sousa
Product Designer

Christophe de Sousa, Franco-Portuguese Designer, is the first to be invited to design for DAM. He was born in France and returned to live in Portugal – the country of his parents – at a young age. From an early age, he showed passion and skills for drawing. He studied Industrial Design, graduating at the Universidade Lusíada in Porto. Soon after, he starts collaborating with different companies from different sectors and received several international awards. In 2017, he founded his own Design Studio in Porto. Persistent and born observant, he is now recognized as one of the most prestigious designers of his generation in Portugal. At DAM, he brings new materials, technologies, and memories to our brand with the development of the Celeste side table.

Hugo Silva

Hugo Silva, a native of Braga, developed his master degree as part of the SAPO/UA Laboratory, in the SAPO Campus project, under the theme “Design intervention in the development of a university portal”, which was nominated “the best multimedia application for the education” in 2009. He worked as an Interaction Designer at CreativebitBox and B-Around. He also collaborated with the Providência Design studio on projects such as the Troia Museum and the Penafiel Museum, whose last was considered the best Portuguese Museum in 2010. Hugo cannot stay without his sketchbook and seeks for inspiration in the everyday things. At DAM he manages the creative development of the DAM products, where his creative skills are central for the brand’s development.

What is the DAM inspiration?

Portuguese heritage! We are just 20 kms from the Maritime Coast, 30 kms from the mountains, 40 kms from the airport. Besides this, 30 kms from us is one of the first wine-producing region of the world – Douro Valley. And also a landscape and heritage that gives us energy and creativity, making us feel good. This is why our products reflect what surround us.

What is the DAM message?

This brand is an emotional brand. It’s good for health. The goal is to develop pieces that tell stories, make people happy and inspire them in the day-to-day life. We believe that life is too short to waste time on boring or disposable products. We want people to love the spaces where they go and where they live.

What makes DAM a cozy living Brand?

The comfort, the openness, the simplicity and the creativity are important concepts to translate a place into a cozy living. And we believe this is possible when we find a balance between nature and artefacts, exploring materials, shapes, colours, textures, smells and messages.

A cozy living makes people happy like a child. Makes people feel secure, give them relax and energy. Inspire DAM!

What we see in the Portugal culture? And how do we adapt to DAM’s design?

In Portugal there is an abundance of skills and know-how. We work closely with people with different experiences, so each piece results from local synergies between designers, artisans and industry.

The people, the nature, the flavours, the artefacts, the stories. This is why we have passion for our country and a conviction: our location is special and our people makes the difference. So, our products reflect what surround us, valuing what is done by hand, integrating new technologies and attitudes.

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