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To build a new planet together with the Interior Designers

Sustainability is the starting point for every new product we develop and the goal is to design beautiful products that are built to last for many years. But sustainability is also an integral part of all the following processes. So, our commitment to sustainability is founded on 5 main values.


Built to last

The production, assembly and packing of our products are carried out in Portugal with a constant quality’s control. Besides this, our products are made of excellent materials and have a timeless aesthetic and emotional desirability which serves to satisfy the ever-changing tastes, surroundings, and attitudes. This eases the pressure on the environment and encourages the user to keep the product for a lifetime.

About Production

Cultural heritage

At DAM, Design is the tool for developing a unique narrative in each product. The process of researching and collecting stories about cultural heritage and traditional things results in creativity and originality. This is how we develop distinct, appealing and emotional products, perceiving sustainability as an inherent aspect of design.

Celeste Coffee Table

Made to order

We make all our products to order, meaning we only use the material and energy required to fulfil orders. So, you can customize the products or build something new from a specific briefing and get your own special product. This represents a more sustainable consumer choice: it honours the materials and craft, reduces waste and sends a subtle signal against mass production.

Flora Coffee Table

Honest materials

We love working with natures finest materials and we select them with the greatest care, giving priority to those that best represent our culture. From FSC-certified solid wood and cork to certified fabrics. From marble to hemp, rice straw and osier. We want to promote beauty and mindfulness, tactile surfaces, soothing colours and sustainable choices.

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Smile Price

We set an appropriate price for each product, reflecting its innovation, creativity, quality of materials and reliability of the national production. The objective is that the added value of the products is well perceived by the customer. In this way, we protect and promote the sustainability of the local economy.

Maria Bedside Table

Is cork sustainable?

Yes! Cork is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly!

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, quercus suber, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. It is part of the periderm (skin) system that covers the stem/trunk of the tree.

It is a material that is 100% natural, recyclable, reusable and renewable. This is why it is regarded as a raw material of excellence with favorable consequences for natural resources and for Planet Earth. The material is dust and stain-repellent, anti-bacterial, washable and waterproof – which makes it wonderful for multiple applications.

Is our timber sustainable?

Our timber products are made from American white oak, American black walnut, European ash from sustainable farms.
We use only the highest grade timber available, FAS First and Seconds, with the fewest knots and most consistent grain patterns. And this timber is only available from sustainable farms, as the regular monitoring, pruning, replanting, and general care of the trees on managed forests is what creates planks of this quality.

Are our fabrics sustainable and long-lasting?

Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified securing clean and safe materials, produced under social and environmentally sound conditions. Besides this, our upholstery fabrics are chosen for their luxurious tactility, outstanding performance, and durability.

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