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Made in Portugal with care

In Portugal, there is an abundance of skills and know-how. There is also a collective heritage that stays genuine. This is why we have passion for our country and a conviction: our location is special and our people make the difference. So, our challenge is to value what is done by hand, locally and integrating new technologies and attitudes.


“DAM products are more than what meets the eye.”

Handcraft & Technology

We work with socially responsible manufacturers that operate according to the highest ethical standards. We work closely with people with different experiences that contribute to a shared goal that everyone is proud to believe in – to valorize what is done locally.

Our production monitoring involves care and precision. We know there is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye, so we ensure the commitment to quality materials, technology, and craftsmanship to produce beautiful and well-made furniture. We also push the boundaries of possibility, because we want to make pieces with a strong personality that can withstand everyday use.

Portuguese heritage

We are just 20 kms from the Maritime Coast, 30 kms from the mountains, 40 kms from the airport. Besides this, 30 kms from us is one of the first wine producing region of the world – the Douro Valley, a landscape and heritage that gives us energy and creativity, making us feel good. This is why our products have their own story, reflecting what surround us.


Can I visit your production?

Yes, there are different companies that work with us, depending on the type of product, technology or quantities we need, and this way we can offer more flexibility for orders. It will be a pleasure for us and you’ll have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful country in the world. Schedule a visit to our production:

How can I get a sample of your materials?

You may request samples by email or by telephone. As you view images throughout our site of both products and material swatches, please bear in mind that your computer screen may not represent the colours accurately. We recognise that consideration of colours, fabrics and finishes is an important part of the decision making process.

Do you do Trade discounts?

If you are an interior designer, architect or member of the hospitality industry, we offer trade discounts based on order total, beginning at 30% off. If you are interested, please email us.

How to choose the perfect fabric for my DAM sofa?

  1. Besides colour, design and style, there are a few more practical considerations you should be aware of. The first thing to note is Martindale which describes the durability of the fabric.

  1. If the perfect spot for your sofa has to be close to the window, you should choose a fabric with a lightfastness around 4-8.

  1. Pilling describes the formation of small loose strands or balls of fibres on the surface of the fabric. Pilling will reduce once the excess fibres are removed, but to avoid excess lint choose a pilling value above 4.

What does Martindale mean?

Martindale is a unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles, especially when used for upholstery.

The Martindale rub test simulates natural wear of a seat cover, in which the textile sample is rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force. The higher the value, the more resistant the material is to abrasion. All our fabrics are tested to the highest standards, with more than 20.000 Martindale.

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