How to Choose the Perfect Furniture: 7 Tips & Tricks

Choosing the right furniture for your space can be a duff task. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision.

Design the space of your dreams: Tips & Tricks for choosing the perfect Furniture to fit your home or office

Furniture is an essential part of any home or office, and when you’re looking for the perfect furniture, there are many factors to consider. If you’re interested in sustainable products like cork products, there are even more considerations to keep in mind. In the next 7 tips, we’ll discuss how to choose the perfect furniture, with a focus on Portuguese products. and sustainable furniture.

So, how to select the Best Furniture for your Home or Office and make it more sustainable?

1 – Make questions to find what you need for your space

Before making any purchases, the first step in choosing the perfect furniture is to determine your needs. What is the purpose of the furniture? Do you need a dining table for entertaining or a desk for working from home? Are you interested in sustainable products? And how will it fit into your space? Knowing your needs will help you narrow down your options and make the decision-making process easier.

2 – Think about functionality and your emotional comfort

Consider how you will be using the furniture and choose pieces that are both functional and comfortable. For example, if you plan on using an armchair in a bedroom to relax while reading a magazine, you can opt for one with comfortable cushions and supportive seating. But you have a lot of good options in a market, so, we suggest you choose emotional furniture. Furniture can inspire you and make you fly in your relaxed moment. For example: Gago and Sacadura armchairs (more about their stories here).


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3 – Consider your storage and organization

Furniture pieces that offer built-in storage can be a great way to maximize your space and keep your belongings organized. But many of these solutions are difficult to apply or not possible to adapt to your home or office space. Depending on what you will be doing in their division space it can be more important to choose flexible furniture pieces that can adapt to different situations. Keep in mind for example the Martins wooden nightstand that you can use like a bedside table, a chest for your office or you can move and use it in the living room.

4 – Find your own style and aesthetic

Think about the overall look and feel you want for your space. Do you prefer a modern, minimalist style or a more traditional, ornate look? Consider the existing decor and color scheme of your space to ensure your furniture complements the overall aesthetic. In the end, your furniture should reflect your personality and taste. Even better, choose timeless furniture that can fit in all styles like cork stool Pipo by DAM.


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5 – Quality is the smart option for all furniture budget

Set a budget before you start is really important. This will help you narrow down your options and prevent you from overspending. Good quality furniture and durable materials can be expensive, but it is worth the investment because it will ensure it lasts for years to come. Even better if you choose natural material like solid woods, cork or natural stones you can always do some maintenance and restore by yourself or work with local artisans and manufacturers supporting your local economy.

6 – Opt for sustainable and eco-friendly options

Choosing furniture made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes is not only good for the environment, but can also be beneficial for your health and well-being and also ensures that you’re investing in furniture that will last for years to come. Many Portuguese brands are specialized in offering sustainable processes and materials. Brands like DAM, Weewood, BlackCork or Around The Tree work with materials such as certified natural woods, cork, natural stones or natural fibers.

7 – Choose Portuguese-made furniture with quality and style

For high-quality and distinctive interior design results, look to Portuguese-made products, for pieces that fit your personal style while also supporting the local artisans and manufacturers who produce these high-quality items. In particular, consider typical Portuguese materials like Cork and Portugueses stones for its durability, sustainability, and unique aesthetic. Find more about Portugueses materials here.

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Are you comfortable with these Tips & Tricks?

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the process of choosing the perfect furniture for your space a little less daunting. Remember to take your time, do your research, and prioritize quality, comfort, style and smile always in the process.

But if you are still unsure or if you prefer the help of a professional to make faster and more effective decisions, you can request our Interior Design Services.

From the interior design project to the FF&E consultancy, we work collaboratively, seeking to understand your passions and your needs. Then we put our whole soul into our interior design projects, filling them with our clients’ stories. So we can contribute to comfortable and meaningful spaces. Contact us to work with our interior designers for your home, restaurant, bar or office.

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