ALICE dining chair:

Wood & woven chair

Alice is a rush seat dining chair. The two hind legs are gossipers, they are turned on themselves so they can talk. The twist of the backrest is formed from this dialogue which ensures comfort – their stories. Alice is a stackable wood chair and this version with a woven rush seat recovers the weaving technique used by many artisans in the past in Portugal. Woven by hand, the rush seat is developed in a traditional pattern that makes the wood chair resistant and comfortable. Being ideal for many spaces, Alice knows how to receive with nobility in the fine Portuguese way.

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  • SKU / REF 35D
  • Packaging cm W57 x D53 x H84 cm
  • Packaging in W22.4 x D20.9 x H33.1 in
  • Gross Weight 21 kg / 46.3 lbs
  • Units per pack 4 pc
  • Custom Arranged with the client
2D & 3D model
Product Sheets
Lakeshore bulrush
Solid ash
  • structure Solid ash, solid oak or solid walnut
  • seat Lakeshore bulrush
  • Wood Finishing Colourless matt varnish
  • Wood Finishing Colourless aqueous coating
  • Custom Arranged with the client
About Materials
Solid walnut
Solid oak
  • other options Solid oak or Solid walnut (structure)
  • Custom Arranged with the client
About Materials


Stackable in 4 units


Light weight chair


7 to 8 weeks


100% natural

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    How to care the rush seat dining chair?

    To ensure the greatest possible enjoyment from your furniture and the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly looked after. Keep your natural wood chair with rush seat away from direct sunlight. The discoloration will happen over time if left in the sun. Solid wood furniture should also not be placed too close to heat sources such as wood-burning stoves or radiators. The rush seat usually require no or very little maintenance. Clean the dust regularly with a dried cloth. And most important, give them all your love.

    What is the rush seat made of?

    The seat of the natural wood chair is made of lakeshore bulrush from Portugal. This is a raw material which comes from the herbaceous plant, Schoenoplectus lacustris, of the reed family. It is a strong and light material which is weaving by hand. It is 100% natural and eco-friendly.

    How long does rush seat dining chair last?

    Our finest task is to design and manufacture quality products that last for generations. This is why this rush seat dining chair is made with solid wood. The rush seat also lasts for many years, but can be replaced or repaired by a skilled craftsman if necessary with fresh rush or other cord.

    Are the materials of the rush dining chair eco-friendly?

    We do not use dangerous or harmful chemicals in our products. The wood we use is FSC®-certified.

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 47 × 50 × 78 cm

    Ash, Oak, Walnut


    Made in Portugal

    lead time

    7 to 8 weeks


    3 years


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