SARA pendant light:

Natural straw light

Sara is a pendant lamp that lights your room and also your ideas. The shape of Sara is simple and elegant and the lampshade represents the women’s straw hat, typical of the Portuguese region of Baixo Minho.

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  • SKU / REF 62
  • Packaging cm W55 x D55 x H35 cm
  • Packaging in W21.7 x D21.7 x H13.8 in
  • Gross Weight 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs
  • Units per pack 1 pc
  • Custom Arranged with the client
2D & 3D model
Product Sheets
Rice straw
Solid ash
  • lampshade Rice straw
  • ceiling base Solid ash
  • Wood Finishing Colourless matt varnish
  • Custom Arranged with the client
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Crafted details


Made in Portugal


No assembly need


Never goes out of fashion

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    Is it a straw pendant light with LED light?

    This straw pendant light includes a LED bulb with an E27 socket and in a globe shape has a power of 20W with 2000 Lumens. It has LED technology, with energy class A+ and a lifetime of 10000 hours. The low light temperature of 3000K translates into a luminosity in yellower, warmer and more comfortable tones. This light color is traditionally used in living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas.

    What is the advantage of using LED lights?

    Because of their high lumen output per watt, LEDs are capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other lights, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat. So, you can produce less waste and improve energy efficiency with this straw pendant lamp.

    How to install this straw pendant light?

    This straw pendant lamp is ready to install. You only need to turn off the electricity, connect to the power supply and put the bulb. The lamp includes a wooden ceiling base to hide the cables if you don’t have a false ceiling.

    Where is made this straw pendant lamp?

    The lampshade of this straw pendant light is made of hand-sewn straw braid. It is handmade with care and time, in the Portuguese region of Baixo Minho, by old women. This way we valorize what is done locally and a collective heritage that stays genuine.

    Weight 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 49 × 49 × 18 cm

    Made in Portugal

    lead time

    6 to 7 weeks


    3 years


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